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November 17, 2004

Lonsdale Clothing Forbidden in Dutch School

A few days ago, Fok.nl reported this: VMBO wil geen Lonsdale na brand moskee (VMBO doesn't want Lonsdale after mosque fire).

The gist of the story is that in a small Dutch town called Helden, a local school banned the wearing of Lonsdale brand clothing after a mosque was set on fire.  Apparently Lonsdale is a brand that is very popular with racists, neo-nazi's and other people with more hair than brains.  In the Netherlands there seems to be a growing group of youngsters who identify with this subculture and express this by wearing Lonsdale clothing.

Two things strike me as very funny here:

  1. Nothing directly indicates that the Londsdale-youths had anything to do with setting the fire, although some of them doubtlessly approved of it.  But why then not ban headscarves as wel after the murder of Theo Van Gogh?
  2. Why do these people wear these clothes, when the brand Lonsdale stands for a line of boxing-gear also worn by (among others) Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali?

One theory I heard on the internet (which must therefor be true) is that the letters 'NSDA' are the only ones visible when wearing a Lonsdale t-shirt under an open jacket.  'NSDA' can then be understood to be part of 'NSDAP', the name of Hitler's Nazi party.


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TM Lutas

This follows an old and very tragic trajectory in the US. 'Gang colors' and special lines of clothes are not news for us here as well as attempts to ban them. The problem is that gangs can easily change brands faster than rules can accommodate the shifting of fickle gang fashion. There is also a significant problem of gangs beating up 'innocent bystanders' who happen to be wearing some other gang's fashion statement. People have died for not knowing the clothing code. Spreading out the number of clothing lines that are worn by gangs in order to avoid the school bans spreads that problem.

Mark Holland

There was a related story in the Telegraph (not the Telegraaf) last month.


Your right. Basically neo-nazis in Germany have taken to wearing Lonsdale with a jacket over the top and with the zip just so only the letters NSDA can be seen.

The company have had to come up a few ruses to restore their image the cleverest I think is sponsoring Berlin's gay pride.


lonsdale rules


what up bro, I'm from North Side Dona Ana, NSDA for short. we are located 5 miles from Las Cruces, New Mexico. YOu guys are cool, as natzi formalists. we should kick it some time and get fucked up!


Hi, I'm a student at journalism, master program. I don't comment. But If anyone send me any information about relationship between Lonsdale(brand) and Racism, I will be glad.

My e-mail: bfmeral@hotmail.com

Evan Thomas

Hello from California USA,

Can anyone tell me where I might find a Theo van Gogh t-shirt? No, not one that he wore, but one with his image on it? I saw a stylized poster somewhere on the Net (several days and glasses of wine ago) that had a photo of van Gogh with something in Dutch like 'Will you be next?'

Thanks in advance.

E Thomas

R. Gunther

Before all you leftists out there feel too smug, you should remember that Hitler considered himself a socialist (and he hated capitalists), he joined the German Worker's Party, which later amalgamated with the National Socialist Party, hence Nationalen Sozialistischen Deutschen Arbeiters Partei NSDAP(excuse my german, it is not that great) So remember, all Nazis are Socialists first and foremost.


OK the reason those people wear the LONSDALE is because they made it stand for something. that crap about nsda and i dunno what is bullshit. the individual letters stand for something in dutch. L O N S D A L E "Laat Onze Nederlandse Samenleving De Alochtonen Langzaam Elimineren". translation is "Let Our Dutch Society Slowly Eliminate The Immigrants" thats why the racist ppl wear it, and if you lived in holland you would understand why!

Oh, my dear,
I do live in Holland, and what would our Nation be without the foreigners? Our Queen is German, our princess the daughter of an Argentinian fascist, we drink French wine, prefer German beer, Belgian Choclate, Scandinavian Cars. Our houses are built by coloured workers, like our streets are cleaned by them. The best restaurants in the country are Indonesion, our universities could close down if we did not take on so many foreign teachers. Hirshi Ali is an important politician, and all we can contribute to the world is yellow cheese and - I beg you pardon, world!!! - Jon de Mol and Andre Rieu.

Back to the theme: NO, you are wrong, the slogan is not the reason why you late adopters took the Lonsdale shirts, the NSDA-story is quite more convincing because the poor underprivileged Londsdale youth is not a phenomenon of us Cloggies only, but rather an international phenomenon.

And, Gunther, you are probably not yet through with learning history:
1) You don't need to be a lefty in order to damn the fascists
2)There is a significant difference between socialists and National-socialists. (Just google it) So, NO, Hitler was not a lefty. He was 25 % Jew, not at all blond and blue eyed, not tall either, not fertile and maybe gay, so, everything he deleared he hated, but certainly no socialist.
That's all folks. Take care, and cheers, Maarten!

silver apple

the primary reason skinheads wear lonsdale is because the original, british late 60's skinheads did. these skinheads were not necessarily racist (their preferred choice of music were jamaican ska music) and the movement is often interpreted as a working-class reaction to the more posh and dress-up mod culture.
this is where the uniform of doc marten worker boots (which also could, and can, be used as a weapon) jeans, white shirts, braces and bomber jackets came from.

as we know, the skinhead subculture was hijacked in the late 70s by british extreme right groups, especially the national front, but skinhead fashion remained the same. lonsdale and fred perry clothes is therefore NOT necessarily linked to any racist agenda (other followers of the brands include the aforementioned mod/northern soul culture and the 90s britpop movement) but a 'skinhead thing'. not all skinheads are racist - although today, most of them admittedly, and unfortunately, are.

non-racist skinheads (SHARPskins - SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice) also wear lonsdale. the NSDA(P) and "Laat Onze Nederlandse Samenleving De Alochtonen Langzaam Elimineren" connections is not the initial reason skinheads wear lonsdale and must be made up later by skinheads or others.

(no, i'm not a skinhead - just interested in subcultures!)


Hitler was most definitely a socialist -- his NDSAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or National Socialist Party) controlled German industry via a labor union called the Deutsche Arbeitsfront (or German Labor Front --abbr. DAF).

Any captain of industry who did not take their marching orders from the DAF were either divested of their property or their lives.

The National Socialists are only one among a long line of socialist movements such as the Soviet Socialists and the Communist Party of China.


Bugger - I was just about to buy a lonsdale t-shirt because they went up to triple XL in size and Im rather large (6'7'' in old money, 2m+ in metric) and a bit tubbier than I care to disclose...

And now it turns out I could be mis-understood as something I most certainly am not...

Just when I was cheered up I could find something that fitted me and was made in Europe (UK)rather than America!

PS. Dont know anything about the politics behind this, but it must be doing the brand name no favours...actually, I presume that makes me a capitalist?


there might be arguments that sustain your point of view (http://jonjayray.tripod.com/hitler.html)
However, it is much too simple to make this equation of
socialist = Nazi and vice versy.
Even the Austirchians start to understand...

Linda Hall

In my life time I have come to realise that all forms of extremeism start to look and behave like each other. This is where the confusion over Hitler's political tendencies come from. It is not a political arch with Socialism at on end of the spectrum and Facshism at the other it can be understood better as a politcal circle with the exteme ends of the arch joining up to form a circle.
I am just a Mum who finds Lonsdale clothing good qulity and well made in the UK, at very affordable prices and comming insizes that fit my tall son.

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I think they are right to ban the wearing of this brand if it stands for something so atrocious. Implementing these sort of restrictions in schools is a good thing. I believe it will help shape kids minds and attitudes in a positive way. When they reach the age limit they can dress as they please and be prepared to take the consequences that come with liberties such as those.

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