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February 19, 2006

Klaartje and Penguin

Klaartje and Penguin


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Angie Schultz

Good Lord sir! Do you not know what danger you're placing your child in? Penguins can be vicious!

A penguin once bit my boyfriend. No, really. He was four years old. Ever since then, he's felt the urge to climb into a tuxedo every full moon. Imagine how silly Klaartje would look in a tuxedo!

OK, I'm kidding about the tuxedo, but not about the penguin bite. Since this was nearly forty years ago, and in Britain, his parents did not sue the zoo into bankruptcy.

Still, 'ware the penguins!


Does this mean Klaartje is a Batmanesque supervillian now?


How cute!

be sure to come back to the zoo in one month. We're working on the new tropical thunderstorm in the new reptile-building. The crocks will go wild!

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